Monday, August 27, 2012

Jekyll Island Beaches are For the Dogs, in Pictures

We're here in Georgia's Golden Isles, which consist of Jekyll Island, St. Simon's Island, Little St. Simon's Island, Sea Island, and the city of Brunswick.  This is an upscale touristy area because of its climate.   January lows are in the 40s, and the summer highs in the 90s.  The Jekyll Island Club was formed and, limiting membership to 100, was once the exclusive playground of the ubber-wealthy.  Golf courses abound.  Sea Island is the most expensive place to buy a home in the Golden Isles with prices averaging over $3 million.

Jekyll Island is owned and operated by the state of Georgia under the Jekyll Island Authority, a self-sustaining entity.  The daily entrance fee is $6. 

Jekyll Island has a shopping area, a waterslide park, and many nature trails and bike paths.  But the big attractions here, to us, is Jekyll Island's beaches.   Dogs are welcome, off leash.  So yesterday we loaded the dogs into the Tacoma and hied ourselves off to Jeckyll. 

The weather was clear and warm, but the breeze was up to keep us cool.   The breeze also had the surf up.  How would our dogs deal with surf?  They've never seen surf and have only swum in calm water. 

Here is the day, in photos. Lots of photos.

The Great Dunes bath house and pavilion.
The great dunes.

We walked them on leashes until we got to a place with not too many people.

Surf's up!

A couple relaxing and reading on the beach.

Ruby found a kid to play with!


Even the puppy enjoyed the beach, salt water, and waves!

Ruby needed to "rescue" the swimmers by chasing them out of the water.
She even tried to swim out to "rescue" this guy, but the waves kept pushing her back to the beach.

So she had to content herself with drowning Olivia.
Payback is a bitch. Hey! I wonder if that's where that phrase came from?

Pamela gets pooped by a wave.

There is no greater joy than a dog running on a beach.

The poor horseshoe crab was dead.  Chevy was sad.

The screen and stakes indicate a Loggerhead Turtle nest.
All good things must come to an end, and so we left.  Back at the marina, we needed to wash the sand and salt off the dogs.  Each of them HATES this.

I don't get it.  They LOVE the water and will swim and splash in it all day if you give them the chance.  Turn on the hose though and they scatter.   I stood in front of the steps to the boat so they couldn't get on while Pam dragged each one to the hose to rinse them off.
An annual pass to Jekyll Island, I found out, is $45. On our next visit, I'll buy an annual pass.  We need to come here more often, maybe even make a day of it and bring a cooler of frosty beverages, lunch, and beach furniture.


  1. Such a rough life Dave. Guess you deserve a fun day since you've finished so many boat projects lately. How was the Victory Beer after it was all finished???

    1. LOL! No, I've been kinda goofing off on boat projects. I did rebed a prism and deck hatch (both of which are still leaking), make a gasket, and install a new ice maker recently, but I have much more to do.

      And yep, taking the dogs to the beach required a victory beer after.