Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Touring Jekyll Island

Yesterday, we took the Navi-Nut (patent pending) head of Research and Development, Kent Boatguy, for a well deserved holiday to Jekyll Island.   Joining Pam and I was our daughter Megan, and Rod and Patti from Second Chance.  Jekyll Island is one of only four Georgia barrier islands that can be reached by automobile.

Jekyll Island was once privately owned, but since 1950 it has been owned and operated by the Jekyll Island Authority so that it is self-sustaining.  There is a six dollar per car entry fee which goes to the authority.  

65% of Jekyll Island is undeveloped, with the other 35% dotted with shops, a water slide park, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and fine beaches.

The first order of business, though, was lunch at Fins by the Beach.  I think we're all getting acclimated to the Georgia heat.  We chose to sit outside where we could enjoy the sea air.

After lunch, Kent decided he'd like to rent a golf cart and he and Megan took off to do that.  Rod and Patti wanted to walk so they took off up the beachside walkway.  Pam and I drove.    Pam toured the shops, which were in trailers...

I don't know if this is just a temporary setup while they build the real shops, or maybe a smart move because they'll be easy to replace after the next hurricane.

I decided to walk the beach and do some people watching.

Some people really know how to relax, don't they?

Then it was off the see the sea turtles!

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center ( is a turtle hospital and also an information center to learn about these ancient creatures, said to have been around during the age of dinosaurs.    Some of the turtles being cared for where ill, some hit by boats, and one even sucked through a dredge pipe!  

After the turtle center, we thought we'd walk around the beautiful grounds and the old houses now used as shops.

If you're in the Golden Isles part of Georgia, I strongly recommend a visit to Jekyll Island.   You might even consider vacationing here at one of the hotels.  My old buddy Jack has been visiting Jekyll Island for ten years and was just there, and stopped by to say hello along with his lovely wife Pat and really tall son Patrick.

Now, I need to find Heckle Island.

If you're less than 40 years old, you won't get that joke.  If you got the joke, yeah, I know its bad.   LOL!

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  1. Your joke wasn't wasted on me, but I had to explain it to Bob!

    Bob and Lynda Krueger
    lying in Mystic, CT