Monday, August 6, 2012

Photography is More Lucrative Than Navi-Nuts

I just sold yet another photograph through for another 30 cent commission.   This brings my total up to 82 cents!   At this rate I could hit $10 a year!   Waaa Hoo!  Only 1,219,512 more sales like that and I'll be a millionaire!

Another money making scheme of mine, the Navi-Nut (patent pending), isn't quite as profitable.  Discussing this with Kent Boatguy, we're thinking that it might be because not too many cruisers are regularly using paper charts for navigation and are relying more on electronic charts.  I asked Kent to develop a Navi-Nut for chart plotters, perhaps with a little suction cup on the bottom to stick on the screen.   I could tell that Kent  was impressed with my savvy suggestion by the blank stare I got in return.

In critter news, Olivia is still hobbling around on three legs, although she puts a little weight on her right rear wheel sometimes.  It doesn't seem to hurt her and she lets me touch it, so I don't think she tore a tendon or anything.  I think I'll wait one more day to see how she progresses.   If she's getting better, there's no reason to call a vet.   Kari, a liveaboard one dock over, gave me the phone number of a vet who makes boat calls.

Gertie is still wheezing, same as ever.  No idea what's wrong with her and veterinarians can't figure it out.   All her tests are normal.

So without Pam here, I can basically do anything I want.  Besides moping about, I managed to watch the movie Thor last night, which is pretty much a guy and teenage girl movie.  Why teenage girl?  Well, even I was impressed when Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor took off his shirt.  The plot was predictable but enjoyable.   I give it three beers out of a possible five.   If you're interested, here is a link to a preview.

Now, to find another guy movie to watch tonight...


  1. Great cup of coffee this morning. Great to have you back Dave!

    1. It's good to be back, although I can't post any photos until Pam gets home with the hot spot. The marina internet is just too slow for uploading photos.

  2. Maybe Gertie is allergic to something like humans are allergic to cat and dog hair. I'm allergic to my cat but I still love him and plan on keeping him. Just a random thought.