Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mariner's Guide to the Port of New York and New Jersey

For some odd reason, this blog gets many hits.  Consequently, I get many requests for advertising and such, which I decline.   This latest request is a bit different, though.

I've been to New York City many times, mostly by boat.   For me, it is a mix of beauty and wonderment, and apprehension.  New York Harbor is busy.  Very busy.  I've travelled down the East River and had a ferry boat back out of its slip right in front of me.  I've been waked by craft of all sizes.   I've had the US Coast Guard point a 50 caliber machine gun at me for being too close to the US Intrepid.  Still, it's a wonder to see, and a place you must pass through if you plan on traveling up the Hudson River or western Long Island Sound.

If you plan on boating in New York Harbor, there is a website you should visit-  It has a wealth of information, including charts, tide tables, ferry routes, marine forecasts, how to stay out of the shipping channel, and so on.   There's even a very informative 28 minute safety video (funded by I Boat NJ) that you can watch which will give you a sense of what NY Harbor is like.

Yep, plugging this website is not a problem for me.  Useful info here.

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