Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The hit counter approaches 100,000... end of the world?

I used to work in the computer software business.  Back in the mid-1980s, I instructed all the Cobol programmers who worked for me to convert all two digit years in their programs to four digit, as I'm sure every other software business did.   We all knew the year 2000 was approaching, and date math wouldn't work with two digit years.  The year 2000 would be 00.

I remember attending a computer users' group meeting many years later when I owned a business that built and sold PCs.   It was in the fall of 1999.  There were two speakers, another computer guy and myself.   The other guy went first.   He suggested that everyone buy guns if they didn't have any because they were going to need them.  All computers would stop working, the grid would go down, satellites would fall from the skies, communications would cease, and mass rioting and chaos would be the result.

I, of course, disagreed with him.

When my blog counter reaches 100,000, what will happen?   Did Google instruct its programmers to allow for six digit hit counts?   Will the counter simply read 00,000?   Certainly, a company such as Google prepared for that, as competent as they are, but if that happens there will no doubt chaos and rioting in the streets.  

I suspect the blog counter will hit 100,000 around noon.   Let me know if the lights dim in your neighborhood.

I suggest that if you don't own a gun or a really good crossbow, that you hie yourself to the closest arms dealer and prepare yourself.

As for the prize for being the 100,000th visitor?   I don't have any way to track that....  so I'll tell you what.   Everyone who follows this blog can consider himself/herself a winner.   Stop by Brunswick Landing Marina or Bleecker Mountain and hook up with us.   The victory beer is on me.


  1. Wow. Gutsy move. That could be a LOT of beer!

  2. Congrats in advance! Quite a tribute to a great blog. I'm afraid, however, you're going to be asked by Google to being your blog in for a required 100,000 hit maintenance service, for which you'll be socked a $350 fee plus a new cabin filter at $70 -- plus taxes.

  3. Trouble is, by the time I get down to Brunswick Marina, you'll have your house built in the mountains and be sittin' on the back porch musing about whether you should mow the lawn or just shoot it.

  4. 100,000 Hits Coming Today!! Wow-- Who would ever thought that would happen?? All the Boating Blogs I read are not even close to 100,000!! Congrats Dave-- You Are The Best Boating Blogger... Maybe you'll get a Cheque for 38 Cents...

  5. Well, the lights are on, the toilet still flushes, Al Gore's Internets are still running, and the politicians are still making promises they can't keep. Life is still OK I guess.

    I'd attach a copy of the screen with 100000 views on it if it would let me but it won't. If you'd like me to email you a screen shot let me know your email address.

    Sure enjoy your writing, photos and sense of humor!!! Keep up the good work Dave.

  6. 100010 at 10:01 ok, going to get my lottery ticket for the day. Congrads Dave!

  7. Damm, didn't have internet for awhile - checked finally at 11:45 and was number 100,065. Way to go MarkJ! Dave, thanks for keeping us entertained with your daily blogs.
    Deb, Rick & Izzy

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