Sunday, August 5, 2012

What To Do On A Rainy Day?

Well, here's the situation.  Pam and daughter Megan drove to Louisiana to deliver Pam's car to son Sean and his wife Amira.  They're just starting out in life and need wheels.  Since we live on a boat and don't work, we can get by with my Toyota Tacoma truck and gave Pam's car to them.  So with Pam and Megan gone, it's just me, the dogs, and the cat.

Olivia sprained her right rear leg on Friday.  The poor dog was in a lot of pain.  Pam gave her a pain pill, which knocked her out for half the day yesterday.  When she woke up, it was emergency potty time for her.  I slipped on my flip flops and grabbed the leashes.  Chevy can get off the boat on his own, but not Ruby and Olivia.  I had to lift each off, and in doing so put out my back.  I've had back issues for many, many years but it's getting much worse as I get older.  I lifted the dogs as carefully as I could, but a wiggling 70 pound pit bull is difficult to finese.  Ouch.

It's pouring this Sunday morning.  I gave Olivia a pain pill, but she got herself up anyway to eat.  Check out her swollen right leg.

Sigh.  Never mind.  The marina's internet is so slow that I can't upload any photos.  I ran a speed test at this link and got .2 Mbps both up and down, pretty pathetic.

So here we sit, two dogs with full bladders waiting for a break in the rain to go potty, one dog loopy on drugs, and me trying to figure out how to get two of them off the boat without really messing my back up. I guess I should figure out how to make a ramp for the dogs so they can get themselves off.

So with Pam gone, today will be spent watching old westerns on TV, checking the internets, and doing little productive.  Yesterday, I replaced the water filter under the galley sink, so I guess that will have to count as a two day project.

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  1. Oh Lovey... My poor baby. Are you gonna be ok? Pull the steps away just a little and pull Ruby's collar.... She might jump to the step with guidance.