Friday, August 10, 2012

The Bad Guys are Still Running

A couple of nights ago, I went to bed early.  I was bored.   Pamela and Megan were in Louisiana.  It was just me and the three dogs.  Gertie was outside.  I closed all the doors because of rain, leaving the helm station door open a few inches so Gertie could come in.  I turned off the lights and went down below and turned on the TV.  Because the incandescent lamps throw off so much heat, I turned them off.  Only the TV lit the room.

It was 9:30 or so and completely dark outside.   I had the sound on the TV turned down low.  The dogs were sound asleep and I was almost there with them.  Suddenly Chevy's head popped straight up, and then Ruby's.  Chevy started barking in his big male pitbull voice and bolted straight up the stairs.  Ruby was right behind him.  The barking was loud and insistent.   I jumped up and put on my shorts and ran upstairs after them.  The helm station door was wide open and Chevy was standing in it staring up at the head of the dock, barking in his big pitbull voice, a warning to stay away.

I can only surmise what happened.  While Brunswick is a very nice town, there is a not so nice neighborhood just a few blocks away.   There is 24/7 security here, they can't be everywhere.  My guess is that someone was casing the marina in between security patrols, saw the dark boat with the door ajar and figured that no one was home and the boat was open.   A perfect invitation for a burglar.   They walked down to our boat, reached over the gunwale and pushed the door open.  I didn't hear it, but Chevy did, and Chevy did what dogs do, protect his home.   

That kid is probably still running, and I guarantee he won't be back any time soon.


  1. Good dogs! It would be hard for me to calm down after something like that. I am glad you had your "protectors". I've always wondered what Fred would do, probably dart under the covers...

    I know I don't comment as much as I should, but I really do enjoy your writings and the beautiful pictures that you share. Glad your safe.

  2. Geez--well you passed the stress test. Who needs insurance anyway..LOL!