Sunday, August 19, 2012

Take a Walk Around Brunswick Landing Marina

Pamela was at the Farmers' Market yesterday.   She set up a table to sell her sea glass jewelry.   With Megan away, it was just me and the animals.  I took the dogs up for their potty break, but Olivia the German Shorthair Pitbull puppy was still wild, attacking Chevy and Ruby by pouncing on them and nipping at their various body parts.  Ruby hid under the dinette table and Chevy hopped onto the sofa and looked at me pitifully for help.   So, I grabbed my camera and Olivia and we decided to walk to the other end of the marina to the farmers' market to visit Pam.

Many message boards that I frequent ask where a good place is to keep a boat during hurricane season.   Brunswick Landing Marina is such a place.   The US Navy used it as a hurricane hole at one point.  It's pretty much protected on all sides from waves.    The docks are concrete, not wood, so they'll stand up better to wind and whatever waves there are.

In addition, there are only five marinas in the state of Georgia that allow liveaboards, which is defined as anyone who stays on their boat for more than 30 days in a calendar year.  Brunswick Landing Marina is one of them, so you can also stay on your boat for an extended time here.

Here are a few photos from my walk down to the farmers' market to give you a sense of what it's like here.

Brunswick Landing Marina has (I think) fifteen sets of docks, each with multiple slips.   At the head of each dock is a covered pavillion with a barbeque.

This old steam winch is now a lawn decoration.

Small lime trees (lime bushes?) can be found along the walkway.  Bring your own Coronas.

Each of the 15 set of docks holds 16 boats, plus there's a long face dock.   Total slips are 314.

No waves and no current make it a good place to teach sailing on small boats.

The farmers' market is just a short walk from the south end of the marina.

Pamela's table.  We need to work on the display.

Some of Pam's sea glass jewelry, available at the market or online at

It's about a half mile walk back to the boat.   This is a big marina.

Downtown Brunswick (see a previous blog post) is a short walk away.   It's a charming little downtown with many restaurants and shops.   Many are vacant, so there's also business possibilities here if one planned to stay.

We plan to stay, at least for awhile.  We like it here, and there's nice green spaces to let the dogs run off leash.  


  1. I was wondering if you've enjoyed the fragrance of the Paper Plant yet?

    1. We have smelled it a few times outside, never in the boat. The prevailing winds from the west keep it away from us.

  2. Stayed there for four months. Found everyone ther to be friendly and very helpful.

    Know you like Victory Beer. Try sone local beer called Sweet Water Pale Ale. I too love a good harty dark beer think you will find Sweet Water great. Enjoy it have fond memories of BLM.

    Joe Dougan