Monday, August 13, 2012

New Boat Projects

Pam and I just got back from running around Brunswick buying components for boat projects.  First is to install a small LED TV in the middle (Megan's) stateroom.  I have to run coaxial cable to it which will be the biggest part of that job.

When we got to our dock, I was pleased to see that our new icemaker was delivered.  I'll be installing that on Wednesday or Thursday. 

Tomorrow is a Navi-Nut corporate meeting with Kent Boatguy on Jeckyll Island.


  1. The Navi-Nut crew is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on Jeckyill Island...

  2. Nice to see Chevy hard at work guarding the new tv.

  3. Nice to hear Pam is back - all should be right in Dave's World. Good Luck on the projects.

  4. Questions linger on capacity limits in NY capsize << Google it if you don't know about it...
    This boat was overloaded-- This Blog being about Boating I thought I would mention this and see what Y'all think...