Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mystery Fruit

Mystery Fruit:

The other day, I took my camera for a walk and took a photo of what I thought was a lime bush.

I decided to cut one open, and this is what it looks like.

It kinda looks orangey.   Like an orange.  And it smells like an orange.  It has seeds like an orange. The only oranges I see are the ones in the grocery store and are fully grown.   Do you think these might be baby oranges?   Or is it some other kind of fruit?   No, I didn't taste it.  Are you crazy?  It might be poisonous.   I tried to make the dogs eat it but they wouldn't.   No, just joking, of course I didn't.


I was thinking about the guy who made a crude, lewd comment on my blog the other day.  And I also got thinking about this blogs hits, soon to hit 100,000, and the number of comments made on it by folks like you- 1,026.    So one bad comment out of that many is .1%.   That's a pretty good ratio.

Marina News:

We had a little excitement here at the marina yesterday.   Pam and I had just returned from shopping and an ambulance pulled up to dock 14.   The only person there was our friend Debbie, whom we met at Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah.   Pam and I rushed over to dock 14 as the EMS crew rushed down to Deb's boat.   One of the marina crew was at the pavilion, and as Pam made her way down to Deb, I asked if they knew what happened.   It seems Deb was closing the boat up to go home and fell and broke her ankle.   She called the marina office, and they called the EMS.

They wrapped up Deb's ankle and got her on the stretcher.   Pam got our truck and followed the ambulance to the hospital.   After a few hours, Pam called to say that the xrays showed there was a break, and a bone is chipped.   It's also really severely sprained.  They couldn't put a cast on it because it's swelled too much, so Deb will have to do that in a few days.

Deb's husband, Dick, drove the four hours here to fetch Deb from the marina lounge where Pam brought her from the hospital.  She was enjoying the morphine, but I'm sure that today it's worn off and she's hurting pretty good.


Rain.  Again.   It rains everyday here in Brunswick, usually starting between 2 and 4 PM and continuing until 8 PM or so.  It's been doing that since we got back from New York.  I guess it must be from the hot thermals that build during the day, although it's even raining now as I write this at 7:30 AM.

Dog News:

Yesterday afternoon, I took the dogs off the boat during a two minute break in the rain.   They go crazy on the boat when it rains, especially Olivia.

She's not only got puppy energy, she's got German Shorthair Pointer puppy energy, which she takes out on Ruby (hiding under the dinette table) and Chevy (looking at me pathetically for help).

Of course, as soon as we got up in the yard, the skies opened up.   The dogs usually hate getting rained on, but not yesterday.   As I stood there waving leashes at them and yelling "LEASH!  LEASH!", they giggled and ran and played.   So my shirt and shorts went on the dinette chairs to dry.   Again.  Well, at least the rain kept the mosquitoes down, which are very plentiful here despite the repeated sprayings.

Oh, speaking of mosquitoes, I'll leave you with this.  I saw this on Facebook, posted by Pam's cousin- "Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?" 



  1. Dave: Sorry about the stalker. How is moderating working for you? After reading of your experience I set my comments setting to moderate, but I rarely get comments so it has not yet been tested.
    I enjoy your blog very much and check it every day.

  2. It's a possibility, they are oranges. When I lived in California, I used to go out bike riding among the "orange" groves. One day, I stopped and grabbed a green orange from the tree.

    Turns out it was a Grapefruit. I like grapefruit. Being green and not fully developed, it was dry and tough. But, I ate it anyway, because I felt so bad about stealing the guy's "orange."

  3. I'm hoping to be your 100,000th pageviewer - I'm sure there is a large prize involved - right?

    1. Gonna have to fight me for the privilege Deb. ;-}
      I'm thinking Dave will fly the winner out for a week on Drift Away.....