Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Day In The Life

So I know many of you wonder, "Dave, exactly what do you do all day?  Your boat hasn't moved (except for pumpouts) since the Fourth of July."

Good question.  Not much.  When one is retired, one has the rest of his life to do chores.

Yesterday, Pam worked from 1 to 9, so after the morning dog park run, I was on my own.  Here's the photojournal.

The first bit of excitement was the dogs barking outside.  I usually don't pay it much mind unless I think it might be annoying to the neighbors.  Who knows why they bark.  People, squirrels, other dogs...  AND DOLPHINS RIGHT OFF THE STERN!   Chevy loves dolphins, and he was barking like crazy.  No doubt this is what quickly drove them away, which puzzled Chevy.  He had a "Hey, where did you go?" look.

Then I spent some time eating lunch, and watched all manner of waterfowl doing the same out Drift Away's big saloon windows.  These photos were taken by me at the dinette table shooting through the glass.

Time to go!  Thanks for lunch!

A little brown diving duck of some sort.

But then it was time for my little OBPOTD (occasional boat project of the day).   I decided it was time to add water to the battery for the windlass.  This doesn't sound like a big deal, but this battery lives in the junk store room at the pointy end of the vee,  under all sorts of stuff.  I moved it all and uncovered the lid to the battery compartment.  You can see it where the light is pointed down.

The water was low, so it was a good thing that I thought to add it.  That's a battery that's out of sight, out of mind.

 I then neatened things up a bit, as much as a junk store room can be neatened, putting some spare parts in a lower locker and putting light stuff, like empty boxes for moving, in the bow.   It almost looks organized, eh?  We have people coming to look at Drift Away on Friday and Saturday, so it's good to look almost neat.

And that was pretty much it, beside arguing politics on Facebook.  I really shouldn't do that.  If I spent my time on boat projects instead of the internet, Drift Away would be pristine by now and we'd be selling it for $150,000.

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