Friday, March 8, 2013

Sunset Bird Photos

I spent most of yesterday Spring cleaning the boat in preparation for a couple stopping by to look at it.  Dust, wash windows, straighten things up in the helm station, clean the dog poop off the poop deck, clean the master stateroom head, and sweep up the aft deck where the wind blew the garbage can over.   Whew. I'm glad Spring only comes once a year.

Robert and Laura arrived shortly after two, and when they left it was time to pick Pam up at work.  After a quick hamburger dinner, we relaxed on the aft deck with a needed glass of wine.  I love watching the wildlife from the boat.  The waterfowl were plentiful and, in photography terms, it was the "golden hour", that time when the sun was getting low on the horizon and casting a golden glow over everything.   Golden hour sounds much better than the orange hour.

Here are the results.

This seagull was in shadows, but I liked this pic anyway.

Fun.  The waterfowl we see here is amazing.

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