Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Naming Things

I find the concept of naming things to be interesting.  We name people, of course.  We have to.  Otherwise, how could you talk about them?  I imagine the concept of naming people goes back to the cave man days, when the concept of gossip was first invented.

And next to be named were probably the things around the cave man.  Like his cave.  Then his club, then his body parts, animals, and so on.  And then most likely his dogs, who were not only named "ug. dog." but were given individual names, like Fido and Rover.

This concept, of course, gave way to people naming their boats.  It simply wouldn't do to own a boat and not give it a special, meaningful name.  This is nothing to be taken lightly.  Since each boat is a living thing, each has its own unique character and personality.  It simply wouldn't do for an ex-Marine to name his boat "Penelope" instead of "American Eagle", for example (Hi Jim!).

Our boat was named Drift Away because, quite honestly, when we bought it we didn't know what, if anything, would work on a boat that sat unused for over twenty years.  We thought we might have to simply untie the dock lines one day and drift away.

The name has to come to you, though, through the magic of what you're trying to name sending you a signal.  You don't get to just pick it.  Oh sure, Pam and I would toss out names now and then, but then we'd just shake our heads.   No, the names we picked just didn't fit.  But then the song Drift Away came on the radio, sung by Dobie Gray.

Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul

I wanna get lost in your rock n roll
And drift away
Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock n roll
And drift away

And that was it.

Some people even name their cars.  I've named a few over the years, but not all.  The Toyota pickup that I traded in didn't have a name.  I loved that truck, but it didn't have personality.  But my Chevy S10 before it did.  I named it Jezebel.   

Pam asked if we were going to name our new Kia Sorento.   I just shrugged my shoulders.  I kind of doubted it.   Although we think it's a very nice car, it's not outstanding in any particular way.  There's nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd.   It's a silver SUV, just like millions of others out on the highways.   

But we were walking up to it yesterday, and as I looked at it, it picked a name for itself.  Right there, on the side of the car, was the emblem AWD, which is an acronym for All Wheel Drive.   AWD.   Awd.  Aud.  Audrey.  Audrey!   Aud for short.

I wonder if I should paint the name and hailing port on the tailgate?

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