Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Brunswick Belly Dancer

One thing that Pam and I enjoy about staying in one place for extended periods of time is partaking of the local culture. While it's true that the US is becoming more and more homogenized at time passes, it's also true that there are differences.

Yesterday was the annual Peaches to the Beaches garage sale, held the second Friday and Saturday in March. It is "Georgia's longest yard sale" and runs over 200 miles along highway 341 from Culloden to Brunswick. I thought I'd bring along my camera to see if I could get any interesting photographs of tchotchke. Well, that, and the Brunswick Belly Dancer, Leah Flanders.

I first saw Leah dance at the October "First Friday" celebration in downtown Brunswick.  As you all know, I am a fan of the arts and deeply appreciative of the performing arts.

Without further adieu, here are the photos.

The farmer's market pavilion was packed.   It looks like a good turnout for this event.

The farmer's market was in operation, despite the tag sale.

Playing around with depth of field.

Even lawn tractors!

And jewelry.

Anyone need a cutout of the three stooges?  Even though it's Curly Joe?

A guy table!  All kinds of crap for your car, including spinners (they were popular in the 1950s and went on your steering wheel.  With no power steering, it was about 100 turns lock to lock, so the spinner meant you could spin the wheel faster).

Kountry Kettle Korn!

More depth of field fun.

A local Democrat.

Anyone need alligator handle salad tongs?

Dick thought Deb might like them and took a pic and emailed it to her.  He turned around and there she was, ten feet away all the time. 

And lots of food. 

I'm a little teapot short and stout...

Lots of color.

And little twisted trees.

And face painting.

And little carved animals.

And tie dyed tee shirts for all the old hippies there.  Pam bought two.

Dick and Deb.  Dick just retired a month ago, and is having a hard time getting into lazy mode.  I'm doing my best to show him the ropes.

Yorkies for sale.

And finally, what you guys have all been waiting for...  (Tip.  Click on a photo to go to full size mode)

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