Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Check Out This Rack

Our new dock neighbor, Joe, went to a nautical bone yard the other day and came back with various odds and ends scavenged from wrecked and abandoned boats.   Among the treasures were a couple of racks.  Boaters love racks.  It makes us look organized.  One was too big for the space he wanted to put it, and I bought it from him for $10.

It looks to me to be homemade, but whomever made it did a very nice job.  I put a coat of Murphy's Oil Soap on it and it looked pretty good.

Now, where to mount it?  There's a place in the helm station where I removed the WWII radar.  Well, it wasn't really from WWII, but it was the old fashioned kind with the black rubber goggles you peered into.  Here's a pic from when we first looked at the boat in January, 2010.

I tossed it when we bought the boat, and the helm had big holes where the thick cables ran to the unit.    I was going to wait for Pam to get home from work to ask if that's where she wanted it (note to all you young guys.  You'll save yourself all kinds of grief if you ask first.  Trust me.) but then decided that since there were so many holes there anyway, two more small ones to mount the rack wouldn't matter if she wanted it moved.

So I moved the fire extinguisher that was mounted there over to the stairway and mounted the rack.

You can see two of the big holes down at the bottom right corner of the rack.  Once I put a roll of paper towels in there, you won't see it.

I put my Simrad manuals in the place on the left, an air horn, and for lack of anything else, a bottle of shampoo.  Don't I look organized?  And the shampoo is right there should I need it in an emergency.  Like if I suddenly grow hair.

I just noticed that this blog passed 180,000 hits.  Very cool.  I wonder if it will hit 200,000 by the time we head north in May and switch to the new blog, Bleecker Mountain Life?

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  1. Aw gee Dave. When I saw the title "Check Out This Rack" I thought we would be treated to photos of Pamela Anderson.