Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Don't Boats Have Storm Doors?

It's 38 degrees here in Brunswick, Georgia this morning and the wind is blowing about 15 MPH out of the west.  It's 68 degrees inside the boat and a little drafty.  Why?  No storm doors and no storm windows.

It seems that boats aren't made for cold weather.  We have three sliding doors, two in the helm station and one at the aft end of the main saloon.  Since they slide, they leak air.  The windows have a bit of weather stripping so they're a little better, but not much.  Plus, all the glass is single pane.  A piece of glass isn't much of an insulator.

I wonder why boat manufacturers don't make double pane windows?  This would not only help with heating on a cold day, but with cooling on a hot day.  I think they should also spray foam inside the hull of all boats, since a single layer of fiberglass isn't much of an insulator either.  Some boats do have cored hulls, but this is to make the boat lighter, not warmer.

The reverse cycle A/C is working great though.  If I really was cold, I could fire up the diesel space heater.  That thing can drive you out of the boat in below zero temps.

I wonder how much more it would cost to build a boat designed for living aboard in cold weather?  I wonder if there would be a market for it, if people would pay extra?  Maybe even make it an option on a standard boat?

And, to put things in perspective, back in upstate New York where we're moving, it's now 19 degrees.

In boat selling news, I received an email from a lady who asked if I would hold a mortgage on the boat.  The short answer is yes, a partial loan with a hefty down payment.   I'm holding a mortgage on my commercial building back in New York and that's working out well.   I wouldn't hold a mortgage for just anyone.   My ideal candidate would be a couple with a long standing dream of cruising, someone credit worthy but unable to get a standard bank loan.  Someone who has the skills needed to finish what Pam and I have started.   Someone of good character, someone who is trustworthy.  And finally, someone who needs a break in life.


  1. Hay-- Did the Island Packet "Bumper Boat" Leave?

  2. Nope, the IP is still on dock 1. It's been blowing like stink for the past few days. But I do have another "bumper boat" story to tell in an upcoming blog.

  3. I look forward to every Blog-- Thanks for the entertainment......