Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Return of Bumper Boats

I posted recently about the misadventures of a boat trying to leave its slip, with adverse conditions and a green crew.  Well, we had another incident here at the marina.

Dick and Deb, friends of our on Journey To... were visiting the other day, and said that the next morning they were going to help a singlehander get his Swan 42 off his dock.  His motor was dead, and he was going to sail out of the fairway, down the river, and out to the ocean to get to someplace in Florida where he was going to get the engine repaired or replaced.  My spidey sense started tingling.   This didn't sound good.  It can be difficult to sail a small sailboat out of a slip, and you need the wind from just the right direction to do it, and the wind better be light enough to avoid surprises.

Well, the day arrived and I noted that the wind was honking out of the west, as usual.   Since the fairways run east and west, there would be no way to short tack a Swan 42 out of there.   I wouldn't want to try it in an Ensign (a 22' sailboat).   Well, apparently he did try it, using his dinghy as a towboat.  We received this email from Deb.

The guy is a complete idiot! Dinghy engine not working well, got the boat out of the slip, tried to get the dinghy In forward stalled, restart, stall. Hit dock, had unfurled the jib, and from there is got worse!!! Thank goodness there were no boats, seriously hit the dock, took out the pedestal and some lumber. From there it just got stupid. It was too dark to get it on film, but it would be on youtube under "what the f&"! were they thinking".  If I had Sherrie's number I would have called her last night. We were out in the wind and cold for 2 hours trying to protect our boat and the one on either side of us.  

I don't know how much experience this guy has, but he showed poor judgement, for sure.   Usually, dinghy motors are barely adequate to move the dinghy, let along a Swan 42.  He probably could have done it if there was calm winds, so he  should have waited.  As it stands now, he's back in his slip and he has some expensive dock repairs to be made.

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  1. Some people should be not be operating a boat of any kind...
    Casting off the lines without a running engine on that size boat is just look'n for trouble.....

    Ya-- I wish the fiasco was Youtubed....