Wednesday, March 27, 2013

... Is Worth Two In the Bush

Yesterday's blog entry was entitled "A Bird In The Hand", so it's only right that today's is "... Is Worth Two In The Bush".  Not literally in the bush, of course.  Photos of shrubbery would be boring.  So here are photos of birds not actually in their bushes.

Pam and I relaxed on the aft deck the other day, watching the sun set.  Birds were everywhere, especially birds of prey.  I would hate to be a little fish and live here.


This pelican was a long way off.  I had to crop in real close which really messed the photo up, but I like the pose so well that I included it.  Also, note the band on his right leg.  He looks like he's making an in-flight u-turn because he saw a really tasty fish!

He flew between our boat and that piling, only a few feet away.




I love pelicans.  To paraphrase an old joke, they look like a bird designed by a committee.

Olivia, the bird dog, didn't miss a thing.

It's Elmer!  And he has something special for Myrtle!

"Hi honey!  Look what I have!"
"Is it a glazed donut?"
"No.  I don't know what it is, but it's stinky!"
"If it's not a Krispy Kreme glazed donut, I don't want it."

Myrtle didn't want it, but that seagull did!


  1. Love your bird photos, Dave. You can almost set your calendar by the birds here on the coast. The migratory ducks have been shuffling in already.

    I've seen a couple of Bald Eagles hovering over Rockport, they always pick this exact time. I still can't get used to seeing them(having grown up in the eagle-less DDT era).

    But your photos remind me, any day now, I'll suddenly catch the cry of Ospreys, and see them circling over the harbor. I love that moment every spring.

  2. Nice shots- Love your pelican comment. They are goofy and ungainly and hilarious to watch. There are hundreds here at the Fernandina docks, just waiting for a handout.