Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day in the Life Part Two

I've been having fun with my camera again.  I really can't get much else done while waiting for people to arrive to look at Drift Away, showing them the boat, and then taking the dogs to the dog park.  Sometimes there's only time for a few photos.   So this is what I came up with.

Olivia insisted on sitting next to Grandma Pam.  Chevy was already there.  What to do?

Listening to classic vinyl.   High Tides and Green Grass by the Rolling Stones.  Appropriate, as I'm sitting at the dinette table watching pelicans dive between us and the marsh.

A Great Blue Heron.  All that in the background isn't rocks.  They're oysters.

This is cool, a symbiotic relationship.  Diving ducks hunt just off shore, driving small fish to waiting egrets, who in turn drive small fish to the ducks.  They wade up and down the shore all day feeding each other.

A pelican taxis for take off...

lift off!

More egrets and ducks.  Umm... that splash is a diving duck.

See?  Here he is.

And finally, our handsome Chevy the Pitbull.

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  1. Chevy really is one handsome boy! And the pelican pics are AMAZING!!!