Thursday, March 7, 2013


Just a whole bunch of photos that I downloaded off the camera the other day, which kind of chronicles what a typical day on Drift Away is like.

Early morning sun.

A little duck of some sort.

We went to Jekyll and met this little lady and her mom.

The end of the driftwood beach down by Villas On The Sea.

Egret across the channel by the marsh.  I guess he was camera shy.

Yet another beautiful Brunswick sunset over the marsh.

We have four couples coming to look at the boat over the next few days.   I hope Drift Away sells, of course... but part of me doesn't want it to.


  1. Nice photos I am surprised I do not see more of your photos on the Golden Isle Facebook site.

    1. I only put the photos I think are pretty good on the Golden Isles FB page, and they should show something of the Golden Isles. I really like the top photo of Chevy, but he's just a dog and not doing anything Golden-Isles-esk.