Monday, March 18, 2013

Plan B

We've had lots of interest in Drift Away, but what if it doesn't sell by the time we head back to upstate New York in May?  I've been pondering that problem.   Of course, we hope that Drift Away sells, but what if it doesn't?

I need time to process data.  I'm also pretty good at making snap decisions for minor things, like buying a new car, but sometimes I just need to mull things over.   What are our options?

Well, we could keep the boat here on the docks at Brunswick Landing Marina, but I think that's a bad idea for several reasons.  First, I don't think it's a good thing to leave a boat unattended and in the water for months at a time.  Bilge pumps can fail, batteries can die, and all sorts of unfortunate things can happen.  Besides, it would cost us $700 a month plus.

We could take it back north.  Maybe to New Bern, or maybe all the way back to upstate New York.  Heck, there's enough fuel in the tanks to get us there.  But then what?  There aren't too many places that can handle a boat this size.  Scarano's in Albany can, but that's an expensive place to be.  And where would we keep it when not in storage?   At a marina on the Hudson?

I decided to investigate on-the-hard storage options, and I think I found the answer.   Just south of here is Green Cove Springs Marina, about a 30 mile trip south of Jacksonville, which is about 70 miles south of Brunswick.  About 100 miles total, or a two or three day trip if we lallygag, which we would probably do.  We can store on land there for $184 a month.  In the marine biz, that's practically free.   So yesterday, Pam and I took a drive down to St. Augustine to sightsee, and then to Green Cove Springs to check it out.

It's definitely a boat yard and not a yacht yard.  The boats and folks there are certainly not the upper crust.  There were boats everywhere, of all sizes and makes, but one common theme seemed to be do-it-yourself. Green Cove Springs Marina found itself a niche and has a nice little business going.  What they lack in high prices they make up in high volume.  The place is packed.

So I think this may be it.  If Drift Away isn't sold by May, we'll take a few days and cruise down to Green Cove Springs.  We'll have the boat hauled and then drive to New York to start on our Bleecker Mountain homestead.   After Christmas of 2013, we'll return to Green Cove Springs and then take Drift Away south for the  winter, maybe as far as the keys.

Or maybe not.  You know us.  We cruise in slow motion.  If we find a place we like, we'll just stay.


  1. I would think leaving it in a place like a boat yard, where you could give a significant "tip" (if and when it sells) to the owner for showing the boat to prospective buyers is the way to go. I'm rooting for you to resolve this dilemma before you head to Bleecker Mountain.

  2. Then there is always plan C, D, and so on. Look at us, the last thing we would have saw happening for this winter was to be in Virginia on the boat. But it's all about going with the flow - you will figure it out. It's good to have a plan B.