Friday, March 15, 2013

Brunswick Sunsets

I just had two more photos rejected by one of my photography companies.  Why?  Because the lighting doesn't look natural.   Seriously.

The other night was a typical, brilliant Brunswick sunset.  I decided to take a series of photos to document how dramatic they can be.  There has been absolutely no photo shopping or color adjustments made to any of these photos.

I know many of you, my non-boating and non-liveaboard friends, might wonder why there is such an attraction to living aboard a boat.   

This is one reason why.  This is the view out of our main saloon windows.  This is what I see while sitting at my laptop at our dinette table.  I watch beautiful sunsets, diving pelicans, an occasional dolphin or manatee, loons, ducks, seagulls, Great Blue Herons, egrets, storks, and many more, all without moving from the dinette.

We must be nuts selling Drift Away.


  1. You're going to have a great time in Bleeker (except in the dead of winter) but I think you'll be missing this life a whole bunch!!! Those are amazing sunset photos! Your photo skills are getting really really good!!!

  2. Now Dave.....

    Are you a Boater/ Birder/ Dolphin Lover/ Photographer/ Maintain Man or just a Procrastinator??

    Of course we all love Dogs-- Gertie will be missed.....

  3. Now Dave--

    Are you a Boater/ Birder/ Dolphin/ Manatee Lover/ Mountain Man?? Or maybe just the run of the mill Procrastinator??
    I meant to post this the other day-- I misplaced my todo list though....

  4. BTW, how did the Island Packet with the new "inexperienced" owner come out on getting out of the marina? Think he and his wife are still alive???

    1. Hey Mark,

      I don't know. They left here headed for Hinckley Marine in Savannah. I'm afraid to check the news.