Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bon Voyage Patti and Bill!

The liveaboard community at a marina is, well, a community.  Friendships are formed quickly, especially among the non-working set.  Such was the case when Pam and I arrived at Isle of Hope Marina.  We soon made friends with all the liveaboards.  Often, these friends move on though, and such is the case with Patti and Bill on Enigma.   They're moving on today, heading to St. Augustine Florida.  I've been teasing Bill and Patti since they made the announcement that they're leaving, telling them they're not going anywhere but are staying here at the Hotel California Marina.  You can check out, but you can never leave.

We all like to party, and this was a good reason to do so.  Even though most of you reading this won't know anyone in these photos, this blog isn't for you today.  This one is for Bill and Patti, a photo record of their Bon Voyage party.

Yesterday morning, Enigma was moved from the inside to the outside.   The fairways are narrow and the currents here can often be strong, so the boat was moved at slack current.

It was five o'clock and the party was on.  First came the food.

And then the cake, made by Pam.

Jeremy, Patty, and Rick arrived.  Jeremy works at the marina and Patty and Rick own it.

Next was the card, made by me.   Unfortunately, I only have a black and while laser printer, but the sentiments were there.

A mechanic came by with a going away present.  A part.  Bill seemed pleased.

Ben offered to take pics so I could get my mug in here too.  Thanks Ben!

Sammy, Isle of Hope's ambassador of good will and southern hospitality.

Jingles and Pat from m/v Ironhore.

Bob, s/v King of Salem.

Brian, a marina employee who is also crewing on the trip to St. Augustine.


A cruise ship passed...

Chris, m/v Southern Belle.

Dan and Jingles, Ironhore.

Pam, and Janet and Bob from s/v King of Salem.

Chevy and an ex-tennis ball.

Ruby trying to get the ex-tennis ball.

Bill stepping on the ex-tennis ball.

Ben and Jimmy Chew-Chew, s/v Whirlwind.

Ruby, sitting in her odd way.

Pamela, m/v Drift Away.

Tom.  I forget his boat's name, but I'll get it later and update the blog.

Janet and Pam.

Finally, Gene (m/v Light-N-Up) playing with Chevy.

Have a safe trip, Bill, Patti, and Brian. It was wonderful having you as our marina friends. Remember that we need 24 hours notice to plan your welcome home party. Thursday works for us.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the party. I sniffled throught the whole thing.

  2. The birds are House Wrens and are not native to the US but have been seen in large numbers over the last few years..great little song birds and they are even up here in Wisconsin now!