Monday, April 23, 2012

My Dog Eats Oysters

You're thinking "Really Dave?  That's today's blog?  That your dog eats oysters?  Dogs eat lots of weird things.  My dog eats cat turds out of the litter box."

No really, this is cool.  Yes, Ruby eats cat turds out of the litter box too, which is why it's now hidden, but she really eats oysters.  Not ones that I shuck and feed her.  She pulls oysters off pilings, cracks them open with her teeth and then eats the oyster inside.  She then crunches up the shell and eats that too.  Oysters have razor sharp shells.  I don't know why she doesn't cut her mouth.

Ruby is a funny dog, but also has an amazing memory.  Megan Skyped her brother Sean who moved off the boat a year ago.  He's in the Air Force stationed in Louisiana.  Ruby heard his voice and went nuts, running all around the boat looking for him.   Megan had Ruby jump up next to her so she could see Sean on the laptop.

In boat project news, our reverse cycle A/C units weren't pumping out cold air anymore, just sorta cool air.   I put a thermometer on the vent in the aft stateroom and it registered 67 degrees.  Jamie, our A/C guy, said to check the coils, so I did.   Ours was plugged full of gunk which was easily removed with a shop vac.  The thermometer now shows a much better 56 degrees.  

I checked the coils in the unit for the main saloon.   It was a little dirty so I vacuumed it as well.  When I checked the unit in the forward stateroom, this is what I found.

Packed solid with ice.  I shop vacced that one after defrosting it.

In the interesting boat news category, this passed by yesterday.

It's a center cockpit sailboat that an independent minded Vermonter added a trawler-like superstructure to.  You might think it's ugly, but it's certainly functional.  I'm intrigued by and have always admired people who think outside of the box.  He can carry a deflated life raft and a lobster trap on top, freeing up deck space.

And his rope belt is tied with a proper, seamanlike square knot.

For those of you who can tolerate a bit of jiggle camera, I made a video of the large barge that passed here a couple of days ago, making the tight 120 degree turn here at Isle of Hope.

Just a teaser for you- tomorrow's blog may very well have some fascinating photos of mildew in the Thunderbird.   See you then.


  1. Lucky for Ruby that Chevy doesn't eat oysters as well!

  2. Ow, razor sharp shells, it may not hurt going in but what about the rest of Ruby's digestive track?

    1. Ruby's a pitbull. When I scoop her poop, there's all kinds of stuff in there. Bits of plastic, grass... maybe I should photograph it. :)

  3. I'm sure Pam would know this, but is Ruby eating the oysters and shells because she is lacking calcium?
    Animals always seems to be intuitive like that.