Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another on the Move

Dirty Gertie news- she's eating a little, which is a good sign, but still has a breathing problem.  We'll call the vet tomorrow to see what course of action to take.

Saturday morning started out as usual, with Sammy out in his boat photographing the river here at beautiful Isle of Hope.

Then we helped Dick and Deb cast off Journey To...'s docklines.  They've decided to move to Ft. McAllister Marina, about ten miles south of here as the crow flies.   This will put them closer to an ocean inlet.  They gave us their car keys, and would call us when they got close to the marina and we'd deliver their car to them, and then they'd drive us back to the marina.

Journey To... is a Ted Brewer designed Whitby 42, a very nice cruising boat.

Shortly after they left, this interesting boat passed by.

It is a 70' Hatteras used as a floating bed & breakfast and operates out of Savannah.  I like how the kayaks are carried.  

Just when I thought I'd seen everything, this was coming around the bend.

We got the call from Dick and Deb that they were getting close to Ft. McAllister Marina.  The 10 mile distance in a straight line was a 25 mile trip by car.  We arrived at the marina and looked for their boat.

Ft. McAllister Marina is quite nice.   On the left in the pic below is a tiki bar and outdoor seating.

On the right is the restaurant.  Dick and Deb ate lunch there and said it was excellent.  It was also packed.

We saw Journey To... on the outside dock.

These pilings are really tall.  Must be in case of flooding during a hurricane.   Just as we arrived, Dick was getting ready to move his boat to its permanent dock.   I got aboard and helped move the lines and fenders as Dick motored around to the inside.

On a final note, while on Journey To... I noticed an odd tennis racket.  I asked Dick what it was.

It's a bug killer called "the Executioner".  It uses two AA batteries to zap bugs.   According to their website, "When the insect contacts the charged grill, it produces a spark that looks and sounds cool."  


  1. Those rackets work really well! We were hoping to go to Isle of Hope again but time just didn't permit. We were also hoping to met the NEW Isle of Hope Harbour Hosts! Maybe we will if your still there on our return trip south in Sept-Oct.

  2. Awww maaaaaan! Turn around! Come back!

    At this point, our "plans" are indefinite. We have no schedule and no itinerary.

    1. South is better. Come to Florida. :)