Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cats are from Mars, Dogs are from Venus, Fish are from Walmart

The day started at 5 AM with cats yowling outside the boat.  Tipper, the marina queen, had little Gertie trapped behind a pedestal.

Tipper rules the marina, and demands that all other cats remain on their boats. Gertie disagrees. I left it to the cats to sort out.

It was another beautiful Isle of Hope sunrise.  This never gets old.

 While eating breakfast, I looked at Panache, the boat docked right behind us, and noticed that the tiff had escalated.

They had moved up five or six feet.

It was a typical day.  Putz around the boat, do a little boat project, take a few photos, bring a fish home from the Walmarts, and take the dogs up to the yard to play... 

Whoa, hold on there Dave, hit the rewind button.  Did you say bring a fish home from Walmart?   Don't you have enough boat critters?

~sigh~  I know.   Meet Sebastion.  Pam just can't help it.

The dogs love to play.  We had taken them out on the Whaler the other day and they got to romp in the water.  They loved it.   Dogs are easy.  They enjoy the moment.  We could learn a lot from dogs.

I took the dogs up to the yard to play.  It was 90 degrees and they didn't feel much like playing.  They ran a little, wrestled a little, and that was it.  They just laid there.

Luckily, I had my camera so I had something to do while up there.  I took a pic of a male rock dove doing a mating dance for a female.   She didn't seem interested.

There was interesting shrubbery.   I wonder what these are?  If I'm going to live here, I'll have to learn the plants.

Where did the dogs go?  I looked around and didn't see them.   They must be playing on the other side of the yard around the boats.  They like to do that.  I looked and didn't see them.  I called.   They didn't come.  I did another circuit of the yard, no dogs.  I called louder.   Then, I saw Ruby's head pop up from over the bank, and then Chevy's.

Get over here!  NOW!  You stay away from the water!  It's... muddy... over.... there.   Uh oh.  Pam is going to shoot me.

The swim had cooled them off, and now they were full of it.  They ran and wrestled.   Chevy was running with Ruby in hot pursuit.   He was making a bee line for his place of refuge, the boat trailer where he dug a hidey hole.   It's full of soft powdery dirt.

Get away from there!   Don't you go under that trailer, mister!   Leash!  Leash!


With threats and using my angry voice, they finally came out from under the trailer.

Ruby didn't think she was quite dirty enough.

Ruby didn't think Chevy was quite dirty enough.

I think you have the idea.  I got them back to the boat.   For some reason, Pam wasn't angry.  She just laughed.  She also didn't help me wash the dogs either.  She just laughed.

Later, we went up to the pavilion for happy three hours, and on the way back spotted these two American Mink.

I wonder if Mink would be easier than dogs?   Hmmmm... I don't want to give Pamela any ideas.


  1. Very funny about the fish - what a menagerie. Welcome Sebastion! Glad to hear the Whaler is running and Gertie seems better!

  2. Can't tell for sure but suspect those were river otters - second photo especially. mink are quite small and tend to be on river bank not swim so much.

  3. Seems the dogs would have been reeeeallly interested in the river critters, like they were the dolphins. Did they just not see them?