Saturday, April 21, 2012

No News On Gertie

I'm writing this Saturday morning.  Gertie is still at the vet's.  Pam stopped by to visit on Friday and Gertie was all over her, purring up a storm.  The vet is waiting for a second opinion so Gertie remained there last night, but Pam is on her way to pick her up.  No point in stranding her there for the weekend.

Now, back to the goings on of Friday.   I decided to tote my camera around as I walked the dogs, and came by Ben with Jimmy Chew Chew, his Yorkie.  I've tried to get pics of Jimmy before, but he's such a happy active dog that I could never get him in focus.  He must have just woken up or something because he wasn't moving all that quickly.

Flaps down.

Flaps up, ready for take-off.

Chevy, ready to dive.

A Georgia Pigeon guarding the roost.

I took the dogs up to the fenced in storage yard to play.   There's a pecan tree there.  It has these strange things hanging down from the branches.

Ruby decided she wanted to get the baby birds in the birdhouse on the pecan tree.

Chevy came over to horn in and Ruby wouldn't have it.

Then it was time to run!

Run faster!

Faster!   Ruby actually went into hyperdrive and transported herself into another dimension.

While I was waiting for her to return, I took a couple of flower pics.

Ruby rematerialized and we returned to the boat.  Sammy took Megan out in his boat to see the Ospreys nesting on the channel markers. 

I told Megan that Sammy was actually an actor from Boston, hired by the Isle of Hope Chamber of Commerce to play a southerner and entertain the tourists.   "Really?" she asked.   :)

A short time later, I got the call I'd been waiting for all day.  The Thunderbird was about to arrive.  I gave Dave, the driver, directions to the local shopping center to drop the car off.  Isle of Hope's streets are too narrow for a big rig.

There it is!

I hopped in and started it up.  Dave stood in front of the car to guide me out.

These car trailers are amazing.  Hydraulic lifts mean that each trailer can carry two levels of cars.   Dave said the trailer costs $500,000.

The cost to pick up the car in Johnstown NY and deliver it to Savannah was $1,240.   That's pretty reasonable, I think, especially compared to me flying up to New York and driving it down myself.

The company was efficient, the delivery was quick, and Dave was excellent.   If you need a car moved, give them a call- Exotic Car Transport in Orlando, phone 800-766-8797 or go to


  1. So, Ruby is now doing the bird thing? And again Sammy is flirting with young girls. Some things never changes. Car looks awesome Dave!!! Please give Gertie a hug for us!
    Patti & Bill

  2. You'll be the pride of the Marina with your car-- I'm sure many Blogs will follow about your adventures around Savannah driving that beauty around...

    Again-- I hope Gertie will be fine...

  3. on the t bird..........WOW she's a BUTE Clark!

  4. Really sorry to hear about Gertie, hope she pulls thru. Love your pics and the T-Bird. How will all of you fit in that car? Maybe you will need to trade for a station wagon?