Monday, April 16, 2012

Marina Life

A cruising friend once told me that cruisers are like a small town that moves up and down the coast.  I guess that's true.  I visited Broulee's blog this morning and there was a photo of a friend's sailboat crossing Albemarle Sound under spinnaker.  Nice photo Rick and Deb!

What about we cruisers who don't move up and down the coast and stay in marinas for extended periods?   Well, we also get to see the moving town as they pass by the ICW, and once and awhile they're even under sail.

It was blowing about 12 to 15 knots yesterday, and the C&C 25 in the pic above was sailing with his full main and a high cut Yankee jib.  He passed the marina heading south and then turned around and passed by again going north.

It looks like some slugs either pulled out of the mast slot, or maybe tore off the sail.  That ain't good.  He should drop the main before it tears more.

There was a Finnish made Nauticat 36 next to us.   Dave and Tish stayed for a couple of days and just left for the Chesapeake.

This boat arrived today.   It's a wooden ketch.

I haven't met the owners yet.  Maybe later today after boat projects.

An Ocean Alexander passed us by.

I don't know the size, and to be truthful, I only know it's an Ocean Alexander because I zoomed in on  the photo.  I know sailboats, not power boats.
This Sea Wind 24+2 from Ohio is at our marina.   It's a cool concept, combining a stable catamaran with camping.

I'm intrigued by all the different types and designs of boats there are.

I know what you're think.  "That's almost interesting Dave, but what about the dogs?"  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Chevy has a newly discovered interest in birds triggered by pigeons that are nesting under the marina's pavillion.  He has now discovered a birdhouse with baby birds on a pecan tree where they go off leash to play.

Ruby, the overly protective motherly pit bull, would have none of this and shoved him away from the tree.

Chevy had to watch the birds from a safe distance, otherwise Ruby would whoop his butt.

In boat project news, I tried caulking the seams between the wainscoting I put up in the head.

It seemed to come out OK, so the plan for the rest of today is to paint the toilet's base and install the toilet tomorrow, and finish off the caulking later.  No point in rushing these things.  I have a new 12 pack of victory beers.

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  1. Something is wrong here... I recognized the boat, I recognized custom windshield job. Could even almost make out Jon himself at the helm...

    But it couldn't be him. Not Jon "Why doesn't everyone sail outside like me Eisberg. Not in Albermarle Sound... LOL