Monday, April 2, 2012

People Watching at Isle of Hope

Sunday was a picture perfect day here in Savannah, Georgia so I decided to take my camera up on the flybridge to take in the sights for an hour or so.  It was sunny and in the 80s and people were out and about enjoying the warm Georgia sunshine in every kind of conveyance you can imagine.

Two words.  Sun block.

Brian, one of the dock hands.  One of the few people actually working yesterday.

Many people had dogs in their boats.

There's even a dog in the Sunfish in the pic below.

The woman with the pink shirt is looking back at me!   What a peeping Tom!

It looks like this dog is enjoying the sail...

as these dogs are enjoying a golf cart ride...

It was a busy golf cart day.

And just when I thought I had seen everything....

And just when I thought that NOW I had seen everything...

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