Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Lay Day

I know what you're thinking.  "Jeepers Dave, it seems like everyday is a lay day for you.  You haven't exactly been a ball of fire lately."

Yeah, you're right.  We've been here at Isle of Hope, Georgia for over two months now.  We've gotten into a lazy routine.  I did replace the broken window crank on the T-bird though.   I know this is getting off track here and has nothing to do with boating, but what the hey.

You need a special tool to unhook the clip that holds the handle on.

I had to put vice grips on the stub of the handle to turn it while I jiggled the tool.   After ten or fifteen minutes and ten or fifteen expletives, it popped off.

If you enlarge the pic and look closely, you can see the clip.

The T-bird is looking good.   Diluted Chlorox removed most of the mildew and white vinegar removed the rest.  Of course, the car smells like a salad now, but the mildew is gone.  The recent rains washed most of the cow barn dust off.  Maybe today I'll take it to a car wash to get the rest off, and then give it another coat of wax.   The waterproof cover I ordered should be here tomorrow.

In the Bird News section of today's blog, I've been trying to get a photo of the redwinged blackbirds here.  They're like the ones back in upstate New York, but the red is incredibly bright and dazzling.  Whenever I'm out and about without my camera, they're everywhere, waving to me and laughing.  When I have my camera with me, they're nowhere to be found.  I had my camera yesterday and one flew by.  I took the following pic...

He's in there somewhere.   I waited for a half an hour for him to come out, just to share the photo with you.  Stupid bird.  So I took this guy's photo instead.  Nowhere near as interesting.

OK, now turn your head to your right please.  

Part of living aboard a boat are the people you meet.  There are three kinds of people- marina customers who come once in awhile, liveaboards who are always here, and transients who come and go.  One advantage of staying put for awhile is that we liveaboards bond.  Our first pot luck dinner was so good that we've decided to make Thursday a pot luck dinner day with the first one being this Thursday.  I'll let you know how it works out.

In other friend news,  I was talking to Sammy when Ben and Jimmy Chew Chew came by. 

Jimmy is an incredibly friendly dog and loves everyone.    PICK ME UP!  PICK ME UP!

So Sammy picked him up and I had a great photo opportunity.

Sammy and Jimmy are a photogenic twosome.  I couldn't decide which pic to put on today's blog, so I put three of them on.  

Pamela is making "we have to go to the store noises".  See you tomorrow.

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