Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sammy to the Rescue

Sammy and I were talking on the dock by Drift Away and we noticed a Sunfish in trouble out on the river.  On board was a young couple and a dog, trying unsuccessfully to sail south.  The wind was blowing about 12 knots out of the south and the  choppy waves were against them.   They dropped their sail and tried paddling with their daggerboard but the wind and current was setting them backwards. 

We watched as a powerboat headed in their direction but it didn't stop and passed them by. Incredible. Sammy decided to take action and ran over to his dock to get his boat to help.   Meanwhile, paddling wasn't working so they tried to raise their sail again. 

Notice their rudder in the pic above. They forgot to put it down.  Sunfish sail poorly upwind as it is, and without a rudder it won't sail at all.  With the sail partially raised the Sunfish almost capsized.  That's really not a big deal in a Sunfish.

Sammy arrived and took the young girl and the dog in his boat.

The Sunny in tow, Sammy delivered them back to their dock.

It rained last night around 8 PM.  That's a good thing since it finally dispersed the crowd on my dock waiting for Patti and Bill on Enigma to return from "St. Augustine".   I was running out of drinks and snacks, and the constant borrowing of our head almost filled out holding tank to overflowing, and the tents they had set up on the dock made us look like Occupy Isle of Hope.  

So everyone's gone, Bill and Patti.  The joke's over.  You can come home now.


  1. Sammy Rocks!!! He is one that really can never leave Isle of Hope. BTW, gonna look for a dog park here today for when you guys come!!!!

  2. Love these daily episodes of your lives on the water in Savannah.

    It was nice your friend helped out the Sunfish, but you set them back as sailors Dave. If the water is warm, being "stuck" on a Sunfish is the fastest way to learn how to sail(when I couldn't get home on a wooden Sailfish, I learned how to sail :) ).

    I'm afraid power boaters are enablers,.... :)

    1. LOL! Well, the river is the ICW and it's a busy place this time of year. All those kids would need is a cruise ship or barge to come by!

  3. I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but blogger just made a change and all the blogs I was following were deleted. :((

    Bill Kelleher

    1. I wasn't aware of it. My favorite blogs are still on my list, but maybe only because I have them embedded in my blog.

    2. Dave, an update.

      I got out of my dashboard and then restarted it and when it came up that time my blogs I am following showed up.

      Bill kelleher