Sunday, April 15, 2012

Miscellanous Ramblings

Yesterday, I was like a ship without a rudder.  Pamela got up, walked the dogs, and then went back to bed where she spent most of the day.  She came down with some kind of bug.  I had to deal with the day all on my own. 

Ruby was snoozing on the sofa.  Dogs look a little too comfortable when they sleep, I think.  Why can't I sleep like that?  Maybe I do.  I'm asleep, so I don't really know.

Looking outside, there was a beautiful Georgia sunrise.  I love the colors of the early morning.

As I unusally do, I got on Al Gore's internets and read the few message boards I frequent, and then the cruising blogs.  I saw that Enigma added a photo of their boat to their blog's banner, but I thought it looked a little big, so I took another, added their boat's name and emailed it to Bill.   When I cropped the photo, I made sure to leave Gene's boat's transom in it (Light 'n Up) onthe left and Bentley the Great Dane on the right.

I don't know if Patti will use it or not.  Bill has a nice camera.  Maybe he'll take a better photo.

Bentley is the the biggest boat dog in the world, I think.

I took the dogs up to the yard to play.  On the way back we stopped by Diane's boat to chat.  Then Sammy came by.  The dogs love Sammy, and he enjoys the dogs. 

I spent most of the day just putzing around before I noticed what looked like rain clouds coming in.  I still had wainscoting paneling up on the flybridge.  If it got wet, it would be ruined, so I decided I had better get to it and finish the last paneling project, the middle stateroom.

That's the end of the paneling projects.  In the pic above, you can see blue tape holding molding on while adhesive cures.   See how nothing is level or square on a boat?  What a job it is to do, well, anything on a boat.  I need to figure out how to reattach the headliner where the furring strips (thanks Rick!) rotted away.  You can see a victory beer just to the left of the port even though the entire project isn't done. 

Dave's cruising tip of the week - Divide big complicated projects into small, easily managable steps, and each step completed qualifies for a victory beer.  It would be a mistake, though, to divide each step into even smaller steps, such as the cutting each individual piece of paneling or molding, or fetching a tool.  That would be way too many victory beers, and the project results would not be as good.

I need to finish the paneling job in the master stateroom head with caulk and molding, and I still need to install the new head.  Yesterday I realized that the old head's hose connections are in a different position than the new head and I'll need to replace the hoses with new.   Why is it that these projects always seem to snowball into bigger and bigger jobs?  I need to have a couple of contemplation beers to ponder this.

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  1. Thanks for the clearer pic of Enigma. I used it. The other was taken from my phone when in Connecticut. I think the projects you have lined up are an excuse to stay in IOH. When we get to St. Augustine I will check out how close Lowes is and where the dogs can run.