Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Wonder What Normal People Do?

Yesterday started out like every other day here at Isle of Hope, with a gorgeous sunrise.

It was a beautiful morning.  Pam and I decided to load the cooler with a few sandwiches and cold beverages and take the dogs out in the Whaler to look for a sandy beach.  We loaded up the boat for a day of fun in the sun and the dogs eagerly jumped in, now knowing that the little boat meant fun.   Well, it wasn't fun.  I could get the Evinrude to start but it wouldn't stay running, and when it did run, it was running very poorly.  We unloaded the boat.  I went downstairs to read and Pam went up on the flybridge to sunbathe. 

Pam came down a short time later and asked if we could take the Thunderbird to Tybee Island beach.  The beach?  Like normal people do?  Sure, why not?  We had already eaten lunch, so we just packed some water, Pina Coladas, and my camera.   Pam asked if we could take the hardtop off, so with the T-bird topless,  Pam and Megan and I cruised to Tybee.   

It seems that with the sunny skies and 90 degree temperatures on Saturday, everyone else had the same idea.  All the parking lots were full.  I found a back street with parking, but there were meters there.  That's fine, I thought.   We'll only be here a few hours.  Pam popped in the first quarter.  That gave us ten minutes.  Ten minutes, that's it?   So we pumped in all the quarters we had, and that gave us one hour and twenty minutes.  Fine.

While the beach parking lots were packed, the beach itself is huge and we had no problem finding a spot.  Pam and Megan spread out their towels and went swimming.  With thousands of people lining the beach and with only one public restroom about a mile away, I wasn't too interested in swimming.  Besides, it was fun people and bird watching and enjoying being outdoors.

I know it's only a beach, but here are some photos for you.

Notice his grip on her wrist.   "But I don't want to go in the water!" 

Kids really know how to enjoy the beach and have a good time.

Some adults know how to have a good time too.

"Friend by choice.  Daughter by fate."

Notice the diaper.

Tybee Island beach is on the Savannah River.  Savannah is a major port.  Container ships come and go on a regular basis.

Water in his ear.

We had a great time.  We told the office about the Whaler, which hasn't been fixed yet.  Today is yet another beautiful day here in Georgia.  I wonder what else normal people do?

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