Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Well It's A Hot One

Like seven inches from the mid-day sun...   great song by Santana, with featured singer Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty.

It was a hot one here in Savannah yesterday.  It was forecast to hit 90.  The record was 91.  We broke that easily.  It was a day to stay indoors with the air conditioning running, so I closed up the boat and stayed inside with the critters.

I'm having a hard time finding a replacement basket for my sea water strainer, but I had a thought.  Since the inlet and outlet pipes are at the top of the strainer, the bottom of the basket (the part that fell overboard) probably only serves to pull the gunk out when the basket is removed.  I looked around and found a fender washer the right size and just bent the bottom of the strainer a little to hold it in place.  It should work fine.

The A/C in our stateroom seemed to be much cooler than that in the main saloon.   I put a thermometer on the exhaust vent and it measured the air coming out at 64 degrees.  Then I put it in front of the vent in the main saloon.

70 degrees, not bad, but not cooling the boat very well either.

94 degrees outside, 86 inside.  We were all melting. I put a fan on the floor and the two dogs laid in front of it.

Gertie seemed to like the table where I was typing on the laptop better.

I guess animals deal with the heat the way that many people do, by taking a siesta.

She finally had enough of my typing and bumping her and she and moved down on the floor with the dogs.

Chevy still doesn't quite trust Gertie and sleeps with one eye open.

When the sun got low late in the afternoon, it started beating in the windows and heating up the boat so I took the dogs up to the pavillion where there was shade and a breeze.  We enjoyed the company of other cruisers and Sammy came by with a couple of young German co-eds who are bicycle touring the eastern part of the US. 

Later, when the sandflies came out, we returned to the boat where I watched old westerns on DVD.  I told Pam I would wait until she returned and we could watch the Lone Ranger, Kit Carson, the Gabby Hayes Show, and the Cisco Kid together, but she insisted that I watch them while she's away.  She's quite a gal, always thinking of me.

Have you ever noticed how cats have favorite places to sit or sleep?  One of Gertie's is on top of the DVD player.

Chevy enjoys watching westerns too.   I think because there's horses in them.

Right at a good part where Cisco and Pancho are ready to duke it out with the bad guys, the movie stopped.

Here's Dave's Cruising Tip Of The Week.  If you have cats, don't buy a DVD player with buttons on the  top.

As your reward for reading today's blog, here is Santana featuring Rob Thomas performing "Smooth".  You're welcome.


  1. Hi Dave Have you tried Jamestown Distributors in RI? for your sinking part http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/document.do?docId=658&title=Groco+Marine. There is also a distributor in boston but I cannot remember their name but I'll keep looking.

  2. Found it http://www.cgedwards.com/Perko/pko305-11.html

    1. That's it! It's a size 5. You da man, Kevin! Thanks!

  3. Dave,
    I found this paragraph, it should give you an idea of what to expect from your AC.

    Make sure your AC water flow going overboard is good and strong.

    Leaving the AC's on all the time will let them get caught up over night.

    Bill Kelleher

    The units must also recirculate the air conditioned air of the boat, not hot/humid fresh air. Think of an air conditioner as a powerful vacuum cleaner sucking air out of whatever compartment it is in and blowing this air through the ductwork. Every pass of air over the evaporator will drop the temperature about 18-22°F- no unit can take in 95% humidity, 95°F air and discharge it at a dry 55°F!

    1. You were spot on, Bill. I did everything I could and then called an HVAC guy. There was some blockage in a hose. He blew it out and now it works fine. He also recharged the compressor that takes care of the forward staterooms. Total charge $177. Cheap!

  4. Ok on a lighter note - thanks for the Santana - Rob Thomas video - it has always been one of my all time favorite.