Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OK, The Joke Has Gone On Far Enough

OK, Bill and Patti.  You win.  You've gone to "St. Augustine", it's now time to come back.  Oh sure, it was a beautiful morning...

and the dolphins were certainly a nice touch...

as we all gathered on D Dock for the "casting off"...

And I chuckled as Bill "said goodbye" to all the dogs...

Brian got aboard and you made a good show of it...

But actually leaving the dock?  Really?  Did it have to go that far?

Everyone stood there, jaws dropped, eyes bugged out... even the dogs were confused.  Ruby then tried to push Chevy into the water to go fetch you.  We stopped her, of course, knowing that this was all a big joke.  Well, it's now 5 AM Wednesday and the joke has gone on long enough.  You need to come back now.

Since I wasn't going to sit out on the dock all day waiting like everyone else, I worked on the master head rebuild.

I put up a new towel rack and installed new carpeting...

and finished the install of the new toilet.  I removed the Y-valve and overboard discharge.   No point in having it.  We'll never be offshore where it's legal to dump overboard.

Victory beers in hand, Pam and I headed to the Pavillion for happy-three-hours. 

Dave's cruising tip of the day - when going to happy-three-hours, bring multiple drinks.  Running back and forth to the boat to fetch booze is a waste of happy hours time.

While at the Pavillion, we noticed a beautiful singing song bird.

Not all that pretty, but a beautiful song.   I have no idea what it is.  Do you?

He and his wife were looking for a nesting place, I think.

On a final note, I have to tell you that I think Chevy now has an unhealthy obsession with birds.  At the Pavillion, where nesting pigeons are under the floor, he's constantly laying under the seats licking  the deck.  No, I don't know why he licks the deck.  He's a dog, and it must make sense to him.  Up at the yard where the bird house is, he's up on his hind legs trying to get to the birds in the bird house, until Ruby pulls him away by his neck.

At the Pavillion, he's constantly pacing, looking for birds.  Now he's even started looking over the Pavillion railing for birds in the marsh grass.

This dog is a trip.  There's something wrong with him.

I'm writing this at 5:30 AM Wednesday morning, fully expecting a knock on the hull any minute from a laughing Bill and Patti , which would be a relief to all the sleepy folks who have been on D dock waiting for almost 24 hours, stunned to the point of immobility that Enigma actually motored away from the marina.  I've been passing out drinks and snacks to them, so they're OK for now, but napping on a concrete dock can't be too comfortable.

Pam's daughter Megan is here, arriving late last night.  That will add a new twist to our lives.  No more blogging in the nude.  No no, I'm kidding.  Come back to your keyboard.

Today's plan is to work on finishing the head by masking off and caulking some of the seams in the paneling in the head.  I need to get back to Lowes to buy more tile and some quarter round molding. 

The head rebuild project is almost done.  Time to think about the next project.  Hmmm.... Steve the Mechanic came by yesterday and said the Whaler is almost done.  The guy painting the bottom said there was a hole in the hull.  I didn't see it earlier, but I'm thinking it may have been caused by the weight of ice and snow building up in it sometime during its 20 years sitting uncovered in Bridgeport, putting an enormous amount of point loading on it sitting on it's cradle on the flybridge.  When the Whaler is delivered, we can go anchor out and sand and paint the hull.  That will probably be coming up soon.  Free beer to anyone who wants to help!  Bring a sleeping bag and beer.


  1. I have been here 1 1/2 hours. Only one couple smiled and said hello. They were in their dingy passing by. Not one bark or meow either. I miss everyone already. These past two blogs were very touching Dave. I have gone through 6 kleenex. Tell everyone hello. I will do my best to keep on our blog up to date.

  2. I don't drink beer, besides I have to paint the bottom of my own boat. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Purple Finches - and the sunrise photo is really nice.
    Good luck with the next project - how's the whaler?