Thursday, April 5, 2012

Taking Photos of Birds is For The Birds

I have to start today's blog with telling you how much of a relief it is to finally have Pam home again.  It was lonely here without her.  I missed her always (well, almost always) cheerful disposition, her warm smile, and her smiling eyes.  The dogs did too.  See yesterday's blog if you missed it.

I never really thought about it.  All the animals that surround us, that is.  It's especially apparent when you live on a boat.  We have critters that live on the boat with us, we have pets nearby that live on other boats, we have birds above us and fish below.   As I'm typing this, Gertie the cat is sitting on the table next to me looking out the window at birds.

I'm usually the first one up.  The dogs are never too perky in the morning.

I got them off the boat to go potty anyway.  I keep them on leashes until we get to the fenced in yard.  The regulars here at the marina know our dogs and how friendly they are, but transient boats come and go and all they see are two pit bulls.   This fella was more than a bit concerned about his little boat dog when he saw us coming and scooped it up.

His dog was barking its head off at Ruby and Chevy, and he laughed when he saw how worried Ruby and Chevy looked as they hightailed it up the ramp.  They quickly dashed to the yard to do their business.   I thought Chevy picked an appropriate place.

It was then play time.  It generally starts when Ruby charges Chevy and he runs for his life.

Chevy weighs 80 pounds and Ruby about 72, but she's a much better wrestler and Chevy knows he's going down.

Wait for it...   BAM!

Then it was time to chase the pigeons...

Our routine now includes stopping at the pavillion to play somemore before going to the boat.  Dan and Jingles were there.

Jingles was a little unsure of Ruby and Chevy when we first arrived at Isle of Hope Marina, but they get along great now.  When Ruby and Chevy wrestle, Jingles referees, barking at them to stop.

It was another hot sunny day in Savannah.   The pavillion provides shade, and the ceiling fans gives us a breeze to cool us and keep away the gnats.

The fans weren't actually spinning as fast as it looks.  That's camera trickery.  But they do seem to keep many of the gnats away.

There are pigeons nesting in the rafters under the floor of the pavillion, which is up on pilings.  Ruby and Chevy take great interest in this, peering down through the cracks between the floorboards at the nests below.

There were red winged blackbirds in the marsh grass next to the pavillion.   The red is much brighter than the birds back in upstate New York.  I decided to fetch the camera off the boat to get some photos of them.

This stupid bird stayed hidden in the grass as I waited and waited for him to fly off.

As I waited patiently, I noticed that Steve the Mechanic arrived to tow my Whaler to his house to work on it.  I took a photo to mark this momentous occassion.

The dumb bird still hadn't moved from the marsh grass.  I noticed a golf cart passing by on the road and took a pic of it.  I think it's very cool that golf carts are driven on the roads here.  These dogs seem to be enjoying the ride.

The idiot bird was still sitting there.  A Grackle came by.  He was more interesting than the goofy red winged black bird.

As I looked back to the red winged black bird, he took off!  I quickly tried to focus and follow him with the camera clicking away.  I just missed him.  Most of the shots were out of focus or he was out of the frame, but I almost got him.  This is the best pic of the bunch.

I'll have to try again.

On a sad note, I decided to say goodbye to old friends.

The most comfortable sneakers I've ever owned.  Sure, they were full of holes, and the bottoms were worn  smooth, but they were comfortable.  I decided that since the bottoms were no longer grippy and not suitable as boat shoes anymore, they really had to go.  Harken no longer makes these.  Sad.


  1. Women don't realize how sentimental we guys are when it comes to old, ugly, warn out, but very broken in sneekers. It takes years to get a pair broken in just right. Hope you have a pair you've been breaking in on the side for a couple years or your feet are going to be in PAIN!!! Great pics as always Dave! Love your dog stories! I'm seeing a reality tv show starring Ruby and Chevy!!!

    1. I do know how darn attached he was to those, I did not make him throw them out. He finally, after a year of saying they looked pretty worn out, decided they really are worn out. I did, however, make him buy a new pair a few months ago.


  2. I am guessing that the place Chevy chose to do his business was at the bow of the Whaler?