Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chore Day

We didn't do much yesterday.  The weather here is getting beautiful with temps down into the mid 80s.  Many marina denizens are doing boat projects.  We're starting to see teak and mahogany bits at the head of the docks with shiny new varnish.

Not for us, though.  We needed to do the mundane.  We needed to drive 100 miles to Green Cove Springs, Florida to pick up our new license plate for the truck.

You might recall my blog post a little over a month ago about our mail forwarding service at St. Brendan's Isle.  We use this not only to collect and forward our mail, but like thousands of other cruisers and liveaboards, we use it to establish our residence.  We, like many others, "live" at 411 Walnut Street.  We have Florida drivers licenses and have registered to vote.  We also registered our vehicle there.

About a month ago, Pam and I went to the DMV at Green Cove Springs to register our Toyota truck.  The only glitch was that they could only give us temporary tags because they needed to get the title from its lien holder (our truck is the only loan we have).  So for the past month, we've been driving around with a paper license plate.  A plate that expired on the previous Friday.

So we made it to the DMV, fetched our new plate, and made it back to the marina without being stopped, arrested, and thrown in the pokey.   Yes, those thoughts were running through my head as I drove the two hours to Green Cove Springs with sweat poring from my brow.   And the two hours back, as I forgot to bring a screw driver with me.

But all's well that ends well.

Before.  And yes, 092112 is the expiration date.

After.  Yep.  I now have an official license to drive ten miles an hour slower than everyone else, all day long, with my left blinker on.

Today is forecast to be another great boat project day.  Partly cloudy, temps in the mid 80s.  Absolutely perfect for working around the boat.   I need to get the deck painted.  We're going to the beach.


  1. Glad to hear the weather is changing for the better Dave. I feel like I've experienced what it's like to spend some summer days down south with your blog.

    I'm giving a good test to my deck paint on Xmas. Because of time limits(sailing comes first), for my 50 year old glass decks, I applied a mild paint remover(they had been painted a couple times, this to remove flaking in the nonskid), rinsed.

    Then I sanded the margins(flat areas) lightly to remove loose paint and give some tooth to the surface, lastly, cleaned with TSP.

    Because I've had some experience with the new water based acrylic floor paints(in home building), I gave it a go. I've never found a waterbased anything over decades that I found acceptable, until this stuff...

    I used a Rustoleum Acrylic floor enamel from my building supply. Plenty of colors to choose, I found a nice buff color.

    Self priming, rolled and tipped two coats on. It takes several days(maybe a week or more) for fully cure.

    For my old boat, I'm sold. I only have 8 paws running my decks, but this stuff is tough. I've been washing with plain water and a deck brush all summer, no abrasion to the coating yet. I don't expect the hardness of a two part paint, but I can recoat this easily and best of all, I don't need to do a whole proper deck job, grind, fill,sand grind, fill, sand, etc....

    30 bucks a gallon.

    1. Excellent! I've been using Rustoleum's Topsider deck paints for years because it is just as good and less than 1/2 the cost of Brightside at $13/qt. I'll have to give that a try, because I am due to paint the decks and coachworks... sigh. The old gelcoat is wearing a bit thin. I never thought to try their floor paints.

  2. So Dave does that mean you are officially an FOP?

    Florida Older Person :)