Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ruby Learns to Body Surf

We went to the beach on Tuesday, our favorite- the Driftwood Beach on the north end of Jekyll Island.  We walk about a mile around to the east end where practically no one goes.   The dogs can run off leash to their heart's content.  We brought the beach chairs and a cooler with a couple of Cokes and bottles of water for the dogs.

There was a little surf going on due to the east winds and, perhaps, the storms offshore.   The dogs seem to like the waves, either jumping over them or, in Ruby's case, learning how to body surf.   Here are the pics.

See?  Nobody.

We set up our base of operations.  Here is me enjoying the sunshine and the sea breeze.  I know.  For all you female readers, be still your beating heart.   I'm taken.   But the pith helmet is really sexy, don't you think?

 We must have spooked a herd of deer.

After many years of deer "hunting" in Indian Lake, I am an expert at identifying deer tracks while not actually ever seeing any deer.

Real women have curves.

Rompin' with momma!

All the dogs wanted to swim in the waves with Pam.

Pam turned each one and pushed them to body surf the waves.

Ruby thought Pam needed saving.

Ruby catching a wave!

Ruby paddling out to catch a big one!

Olivia doesn't quite get it yet.

Ruby gives this wave one tails up!

A shrimp boat trawls just off the beach.

What a great day on the beach!

Well, the Georgia temps have finally plummeted down to the upper 80s.  It will soon be time to get after boat projects again, and Pam will have to take the dogs to the beach alone... unless...  do any of you guys have any really good excuses not to work around the boat?  Or house?   I need a little help here.


  1. The shrimp boats are making me home sick! Thanks for sharing.

  2. "I'm Waiting on Parts." always works for me...

  3. Frolicking on the beach. Rough life P & D.

    How's Gertie doing? Haven't heard much on her lately.

    1. Gertie isn't doing well at all. She struggles to breathe. We've considered having her put down, but she doesn't seem to be in any pain. It's a conundrum.

  4. Awe poor ole' Gertie. :-(

    As long as she's not suffering we'll hope for a miracle.

    Rick & Lori and the 5 gooches!