Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shooting Pamela

Yesterday, as you probably assumed, was  a Jekyll Island beach day.  It was forecast to be 90 degrees in Brunswick, but it's much cooler on the beach what with the sea breeze and all.

I've been struggling with photographing people.  Oh sure, I can take candid shots of kids playing and such, but actually posing a model and purposely setting the scene is difficult for me.  Pamela bought me two books on modeling for my birthday and I've been slowly thumbing through them, looking for tips.  This one is my favorite;

"If it bends, bend it."

Simple, I know.

So with a willing model and beautiful weather here are the results in a photo montage...


  1. Can't wait until we get to the nudes! I like colors better...

  2. Those are great Dave! I admire that you are taking this on to learn to do it better. I think I should try something like this outside of just taking the camera with me.

  3. nudes! Well, ok, maybe of Dave. :)

    1. Do you want to scare away all of our followers? -Dave

  4. Pam,
    Wow, Dave captured some very beautiful shots. Personally I like the B & W better because I feel they tell a better story. The color, I feel blocks the emotion of the shot.
    Bravo Dave, job well done!

  5. Good eye. Not just tossing that out (32 years as a professional photographer). Just as an exercise, head back out there again on an overcast day... or very early in the morning... or right at sunset. Light creates mood. Soft light is even more flattering. It's good that you two can work together on this!