Monday, September 3, 2012

So What's It Really Like Living Aboard In Georgia In The Summer?

It's dang hot, that's what it is.

In upstate New York, where we come from, we'd have heat waves where it would get this hot.  They would last maybe a few days to a week or so.   Georgia in the summer is one big heat wave.  Here's the forecast.

5-Day Forecast for Brunswick, Georgia

Today:   Isolated Thunderstorms,  High: 93 F,  Low: 76 F

Tomorrow:  Isolated Thunderstorms,  High: 93 F,  Low: 76 F

Wednesday: Isolated Thunderstorms, High: 91 F, Low: 76 F

Thursday:  Scattered Thunderstorms,  High: 90 F,  Low: 76 F

Friday:  Scattered Thunderstorms,  High: 91 F,  Low: 76 F

See, the problem isn't just the heat in the daytime.   Look at the lows.  And its humid.  Very,  very humid.

Although there is a large liveaboard population here at Brunswick Landing Marina, we don't see too many of them, especially in the daytime.   Everyone is ensconced in their boats with the A/C blasting. 

Yesterday, we again took the dogs to Jekyll Island and spent the whole afternoon there.  We returned to the marina late in the afternoon.  With the dogs completely tuckered out from a day of running and swimming, we went to the marina lounge for an evening of Chicken Foot dominoes.  I don't even want to try to get into the rules or how the game is played.  If you really want to know, just google it.  But I will say that the table of eight full grown adults giggled and cackled like little kids for the whole evening.  Its a good thing that our parents weren't there to see it.   We might have been grounded.

Maybe that's what cruising is all about, a bunch of adults acting like silly children.   Works for me.

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  1. Dave,
    I can't remember if you have had condensate problems or not, BUT make sure you clean out your condensate drain's every so often with you running your AC's constantly.

    Bill Kelleher