Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Once again, we hied ourselves to the beach on Jekyll Island.  This is getting to be a regular thing for us.   The dogs love it.  We love it.  Why not?

Pam and I are like kids.  We marvel in little things, like this hermit crab Pam found on the beach.

We could tell that he wasn't happy.   As in "Whoa!  What am I doing way up here!  Put me down!!!"

Pam also found a conch.  She declared that if the worst was to come (armageddon, an asteroid hitting the earth) , we could always live by eating crabs and conch.

Pam and I were playing in the surf, and Ruby and Chevy were romping in it as well.  I think that sometimes Olivia feels left out.

Not all dogs are the same.  Olivia tries to fit in, but she's not a pit bull.  If Olivia was a frog, I can envision her singing "It isn't easy being green".

This is pretty cool.   Pam showed me the remains of a wreck she found.

Using the world's most authoritative authority on everything (Google) I wasn't able to find any information about this.  I found the wreck of a shrimp boat that wound up on the beach on the south end of the island, but nothing about this on the north end.

It looks like a small boat with huge timbers running down the keelson.  If any of you are better with Google than me, let me know what you find.

Today is forecast to be rainy. It may be a guy day.  Rodd (from the Mason 43 sailboat across the way) and I may spend it at Home Depot, the Guy Store.


  1. Hmmm maybe Olivia is thinking "There's sharks in them there waters"