Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday David!

Today is Dave's birthday so I thought I would write the blog today. Kind of an ode to my love. Most of you know him just through his words and through the eye of his camera. I have the honor of actually knowing him.

I knew OF him for many years. He was an active business man in our hometown of Gloversville.  He was very active in his community having worked with Habitat for Humanity, starting a Business Improvement District and operating a thriving business (well thriving until the end) for nearly twenty years. He sat on the historic review board and dictated what store fronts could and couldn't do in the district. Dave and I also started a grassroots campaign to open a local chapter of a Boys and Girls club in our home town which is still going strong and helping many kids.

So you see, as I paint this picture of a good guy, when I first heard of him, I thought he was a stuffy asshole. I worked in a small bookstore across the street from his computer store. Years later, I opened my own bookstore which Dave eventually bought. We became friends and I got to know the real David. The silly, 8 year old kid, the funny perpetual teenager that lives inside all of us, the man who loves family and loves his friends just like family. When we found ourselves both single, we discovered how similar we both were. How we both love to laugh, to get caught in the rain, to splash in the puddle instead of walking around it, romping on beaches and playing with dogs. We began an adventure of a lifetime. That was four years ago.

We have been through some really hard times,  we have had some really great times, but as long as I have my best friend by my side, no matter what life hands us, it is all ok.

Happy Birthday, My Love.


  1. When you said what you first thought of him it just cracked me up.

    I hope you have many more years together.

    Happy Birthday Dave. :)

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave.
    Nicely said, Pam.

  3. Happy Birthday Dave!


    Rick & Lori

  4. Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger! May you have many more far into the future. Including on a sailboat in the Carribean!!!

  5. Boy, those pictures look like the before and after of a man in the witness protection program!!! HMMMMM?? HBD2U Dave!

  6. Happy Birthday Dave.Well said Pam. My wife used to think that about me too.....At times she probably still thinks that way . True Love.