Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gypsy Spirit

One of our friends, Pat on Ironhore (the H is silent) traveled up to Massachusetts by train recently.  She met a woman named Christine, a sailor who had just written a book called "Gypsy Spirit;  What My Boat Taught Me About Love and Life".  Pat ordered it, read it, loved it, and recommended it to Pam and me.   Me, being the dutiful husband, immediately ordered it for Pam.  It came, and true to Pat's recommendation, Pam read all 269 pages in one day.

Pam once owned a bookstore.   She knows a good book when she reads one, and she really loved this book.  If you love a good book too, you can buy the paperback from Amazon for $12.42, or the Kindle version for a mere $3.99.  Pam says that even non-sailors will enjoy it.  Christine wasn't a blue water sailor when she bought Gypsy Spirit and set sail.

Like everything I do, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.   Pam now wants to head to the Caribbean.  Do you know how far that is from here?  Do you know how much diesel we'd burn to get there? Do you know how much paperwork is involved?

Funny though, I said to Pam that once the house in upstate New York is built, maybe we should sell Drift Away and buy a sailboat to take to the Caribbean.  She said she was thinking the same thing.  I wonder where she got that idea from?


  1. Now you're thinkin Dave! Sailboat to the caribbean for the winter and the mountains of NY for the summers. You will be live THE LIFE!!! BTW, sounds like a great book! Especially for my kindle!

  2. A thought about the Caribbean... Dogs!
    Think: French rule = Good
    Think: British rule = Bad
    But, if you're wiley... you can work it out.