Friday, September 21, 2012

Cruising Makes You Young

I've written often about how I've met no grouchy or grumpy cruisers in the past year that Pam and I have been traveling and living aboard Drift Away.  I've attributed that to "how can anyone be grouchy" living this life style?

Now, I'm an easy going guy anyway, but living as we do, I'm almost TOO laid back.  I just can't get my panties in a knot over anything much anymore.

Well, except this.  The Brunswick Police Department called yesterday to ask if we wanted to prosecute the guy who stole my bicycle.   I'm like WTF?  Seriously?  Why would they ask such a question?  Of course I want to prosecute him.  Why wouldn't I?

I can't abide by a thief.  I loathe dishonestly.

When I ran my computer business and hired new help, I told the new hires that I would NEVER fire them for making a mistake.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Especially those who do all the work.  Just come to me and tell me what happened and we'll figure out how to make it right.

Never lie to me.  Never call in sick when you want a day off.  Call in and tell me you need a day off and we'll deal with it, and no, you won't lose your job.

I'm a firm believer in people.  Even people I don't know.  If you read yesterday's blog, you'll see that I trusted a guy down on his luck and living in a homeless shelter with my cherished $400 bike, yet he brought it back to me.  Give people half a chance and they'll do the right thing, I believe.  After my 62 years on God's green earth, have I been burned?  Yep.  Has it changed  my view on people?  Nope.

Last night, Pamela and I played a board game called "Tuk" with cruiser friends at the marina lounge.  It's something like the board game "Sorry" but with a few twists.  As we were playing, laughing and giggling like grade schoolers, I realized that this lifestyle we've chosen doesn't make us young.  It brings us back to a happier time when we were young.  A time when we were carefree, and didn't fret over things so much.

Ah, to return to the naivety and happy-go-lucky feeling of youth.

But I still want to nail the bastard who stole my bicycle.


  1. Wow just caught up to your blog from the past couple of days. Happy Belated old man, great post from Pam! Wonderful story about Dennis! Cruising definitely keeps you young. We have come across a few 'grouchy' old salts. They single hand their boat and growl at the world. We feel sad for them, because they don't have that special someone to be their mate in every aspect.

  2. Hope it's the guy who stole your bike and not the guy who gave it back to you...

  3. I hope the police arrested the real crook and not the gentleman who mistakenly bought your stolen bike...