Thursday, September 6, 2012

Staying Out of the Heat

No boubt adout it.  It's hot in Georgia.  Every day is in the 90s, and it's humid.  The only relief is to stay indoors.   The problem, of course, is Olivia the puppy.  She's a German Shorthair Pointer, a breed known to have boundless energy.  Compound that with being a puppy and you have a dog that makes everyone insane.

Chevy hasn't been feeling well.  He's been vomiting, has diarrhea, and has been listless.  I was sitting at the laptop yesterday and when I happened to look up saw Pam taking Chevy's temperature with our thermometer.   No, it wasn't under his tongue. 

"Ewwww! That's our thermometer!"


"I hope that's the first time you've used it on a dog!"

"Um.... OK."

"Ewwww!  Write 'dog' on it so we know!"

And so she did.

Olivia LOVES Chevy and wants to play with him to the point of him coming to me to be rescued.  He sits next to me, licking my hand as I push Olivia away.  Seeing as how Chevy wasn't feeling well, Pam decided to take Olivia to Jekyll Island to romp on the beach.  I stayed on the boat with Chevy and Ruby.  The following photos and video were taken by Pam.

The tide was high.

This is the tree we parked our beach chairs at a couple of days ago.

Sadly, Pam came upon a dead sea turtle, apparently chopped up by a boat propeller.

She stopped at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to report it.  I wasn't going to include this pic because, well, frankly, its pretty graphic.   But Pam insisted saying it might remind people to be careful.

A pod of dolphins were swimming in circles to corral fish just off the beach.
And for you dog lovers... heck, this is cute even if you're not a dog lover... here is a video of Olivia frolicking on the beach.


  1. That shot of the toppled tree arch and all the driftwood is pretty impressive, Pam. Good shot!

    1. Thanks, I'm no where near the photog, that Dave is, though.

  2. I enjoyed that as much as the dog. Notice how she has learned to jump over incoming waves. B

    1. She has so much fun playing in the water! And endless energy!