Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I had a dream last night.  In it, the word "ubunto" was repeated, over and over.  Someone in my dream told me to write it down, and to make sure I got the spelling right.   Ubunto.  DON'T FORGET THIS WHEN YOU WAKE UP!  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  UBUNTO!!

So I woke up and immediately got on my laptop and googled ubunto.  It means absolutely nothing.  Unless you've misspelled ubuntu, and since I'm not active into Linux and the computer biz anymore, it's irrelevant.  Totally.

And Olivia?  She did her doggy happy dance (hop up and down all happy and such, wagging her butt and  bouncing this way and that way, left to right, forwards and backwards) right off the dock.   Yep.  Kersplash.   I've now lost count of who is in the lead, kersplash-wise, but I think its Olivia 5-4-4-3.

The temps are dropping here in Georgia.  The next few days are forecast to only be in the upper 80s, and that means I may start tackling boat projects again.   I need to install a shower sump that I ordered.  It's in the engine room though, where the A/C compressors are working overtime and pumping the temps to the 90s.  Once we can turn off the air conditioning and OSHA gives the OK, I can work in there.

Also on the to-do list is painting- the decks, especially.  The deck paint takes two days to dry.  Can anyone put up three of us humans and three really great dogs for a bit?  They're really not as unruly as I make them out to be... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA   ~snerk~~.   OK, yes they are.  Our lives are insane.

We took the dogs to Jekyll Island yesterday, and I have some really awesome photos of Pam teaching Ruby how to body surf.  I'll try to post-process them today and post them tomorrow.   Like knarly, dude.


  1. Try turning your engine room blowers on and see if that doesn't lower the engine room temp.
    ( That only works if the outside temp is lower than the inside temp. ) LOL

    Bill Kelleher