Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Does a Flag Pole Make a Good Dance Pole?

These hot Georgia days are running one right into another.  Its too hot for any outdoor boat projects, that's for sure, and its hard to get any energy up to do indoor projects.  I can even see it in the dogs.

The dog days of summer.
I was downstairs watching Clint Eastwood movies on AMC with the dogs when they suddenly started barking and then bolted up the stairs.   I hadn't heard anything, and Pam was up there, so maybe she moved a chair or something and that set the dogs off.  In any event, Clint was on TV and I wasn't about to go investigate.   After a couple of minutes, Pam came down to tell me that Bob and Janet (liveaboard friends we knew at Isle of Hope) were here for a visit.  
Holy cow, thought I.   Bob and Janet are at Golden Isles Marina at St. Simons.  That's a six mile bicycle ride, in 95 degree heat and 99.99% humidity.   I came upstairs and there they were, with Chevy now a very happy lap dog.
A very happy 80 pound lap dog.  Bob doesn't look as happy as Janet or Chevy.  I don't think Bob wanted any more kids anyway.
We had a nice visit with Bob and Janet and then it was time for us to hie ourselves up to the marina's Labor Day party.  There is a large liveaboard community here, and many, if not most, were at the party.  The cost was a mere $5 which paid for the pork sandwiches, paper plates, plastic forks, and napkins.  Everything else was covered dish, which is my favorite kind of dinner.  Everyone makes whatever they're best at making.  I take one spoonful of just about everything.  Yum!
Everyone also brings their own beverages, which was beer and wine for most of us.   We were having a good time socializing and meeting folks when Pam decided to get the dogs.  Our dogs love people, and parties.  They worked the crowd, moving from person to person to get petted and made a fuss over.  Other people then got their dogs and a good time was had by all.
I didn't bring my camera to the party because I don't know everyone well enough to know if they'd like getting their photos plastered all over Al Gore's internets, but trust me, while we all had a good time, some people had  a better time than others. 
We left the party around 5 or so, about the time that many others did.   Around 8 PM, the dogs announced that that needed to get off the boat and we took them.  Walking along the big yard where they run, we approached the party area.   Here is a photo of it here, one I took this morning.
As we neared, we could hear people hootin' and hollerin'.   Apparently, the party was still going on.  Women were using the flag pole like a stripper's dance pole and everyone was laughing and cackling.  Every woman had to have a turn on the pole.  They even grabbed Pamela and she took a turn.  When we left, the partiers were still going strong and the women were still dancing.
The question was "does a flag pole make a good dance pole?"
The answer is no, no it does not.

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