Sunday, September 23, 2012

Party On Dude

The temps here in Brunswick are up into the 90s again and the humidity is still high.  Too hot to do big boat projects like painting the decks and topsides.   I did do a few small ones though.

While washing dishes the faucet started spitting air.  Darn!  I usually keep tabs on that.   So I filled the boat with water.  Not a big enough project for a victory beer.

I later saw that the dogs' water jug was empty so I filled that too.  Not a big enough project for a victory beer either.

While letting one of the dogs in the back door, I noticed the BBQ grill mounted on the stern rail.  Pam and I had talked of moving it up to the flybridge stern rail to make more room on the aft deck.   We don't use our grill anymore.  Each dock section here at Brunswick Landing Marina has a grill in its pavilion.   So in the 92 degree heat, I lugged the propane tank (mental note; it's getting light.  Get it filled) and the grill up to the roof.   Our grill mounts in a fishing rod holder, so I unbolted that and reinstalled it up on the flybridge.  The whole job only took twenty minutes or so, but in this heat and humidity it was a chore.   No really, it was.  I was sweating a whole lot.

Of course, the down side of mounting the grill way up here is that when Pam's hot dog rolls off the grill, it's a long way down to fish it out of the water.

This is a project somewhat worthy of a victory beer, although I didn't partake.  The sun was still not over the yardarm yet.  Our boat doesn't actually have a yardarm, but if it did, the sun wouldn't be over it.  

Oh wait, I did another boat chore.  I ran the fuel polishing system all day.  I pulled out about a quart of water.  Maybe the  new gasket I made works! Again, not worthy of a victory beer.

Late in the day, we went to a dock party on dock 15 for Kelly who is leaving to return to Australia.  Kelly and her mom are here to work on a boat they bought.  According to immigration, they have a one year visa, but they have to leave the US every 90 days, and Kelly is leaving today.  Why in the world would US immigration require someone to leave every 90 days? These people are spending money here, and not taking any.  Let them stay as long as they damn well please, and as long as their money holds out!

It was a fine spread.

Pam and Kelly.  Kelly talks funny.

John and Jerri.  Jerri has the "Bubba Keg".  Practical.  It saves running back and forth to the boat for another beer.

Some chose wine over beer.

It was a wild party.  Some of us stripped down naked and partied hardy.

And party we did, into the wee hours of the sun going down, around 8 PM.

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the naked mayhem, but even the pulp mill looked good.

Today is forecast to be in the 90s again.  Pam has declared it to be a beach day.  Of course, she stayed at the party long after I did.  She even came back to the boat to grab my guitar because Linda wanted to entertain those without common sense who were still partying on.   We may not get to the beach until very late in the day, and I suspect that Pam will spend most of her beach time snoozing.


  1. You know Dave has been hanging out with Rod when he starts becoming comfortable with saying "Dude."