Thursday, September 27, 2012

Play, Play, Play

Brunswick Landing Marina is large as marinas go.  There are over 300 slips here and most all of them are full.  Most people have docked their boats here for the hurricane season and left them.  There is, however, a large cruiser/liveaboard community.   I'd guess several dozen.

Take a few dozen cruising couples with little to do and you have a lot of people looking to play.  Here at BLM, this means several get togethers every week.

Each dock section (there are 15) has a pavilion at its head.  On any given evening, you'll find folks getting together for happy three hours.  Sometimes, dock sections intermingle.  Pam and I have wandered down to dock 12 and 14 for get togethers.

Then there's TUK, which I wrote about before.   It's a game similar to Sorry but played with playing cards instead of dice, and with a few twists and turns to make it interesting.  We play this about once a week.

Chicken Foot, which is similar to Mexican Train, is a game played with dominoes.  A call for Chicken Foot players will bring out a dozen people and more to the marina boaters' lounge.

And as you know, when we're not playing here at the marina, we're playing on the beach on Jekyll Island, which may be the plan for today because the tide is perfect and it's forecast to be up around 90 degrees again today.

This is like being a kid on summer vacation all over again.

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